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Technological projects

In 2004 in company "MEGAR" the group «Technological project» which experts supervise creation process, from working out of the concept before start of a ready public catering establishment and entertainment has been created.
We work over projects of restaurants of various formats and kitchens, cafe, bars, coffee houses, pizzerias, night clubs, discos, etc. we develop concepts of the entertaining centres with cinema halls, bowling, billiards, slot machines, a casino; trading-entertaining complexes with floor spaces for tenancy, shops of famous brands and food corts; we project shops and supermarkets.

The group «Technological project» employs over the project of designers, architects, technologists, the head cook and cooks, managing directors and barmen, experts on light, sound and video-installations, automation of the account, builders and many other things that allows to create one their most fashionable, popular and successful projects in the country and abroad.
Teamwork of group of consulting and technological department is the one more favourable tandem, allowing to speak about company "MEGAR" as about the company of engineering of public catering establishments.



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